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IBB (Internationale Betriebs Beratung) was founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1958 as a joint venture of two established consulting firms in Paris and Karlsruhe, Germany. It was a period of economic growth in central Europe; a time in which a small group of pioneer entrepreneurs led by Willi Dannenmaier began providing consulting services for industrial companies based in Austria and Germany.

The first mandates ranged from strategic and market planning to production and logistics reengineering, for clients in industrial production companies as well as retail. Within a few years, IBB had established itself as a European player, serving clients around the continent.

1960s, 1970s and 1980s

In the 1960s IBB continued growing rapidly and ventured into the development of electronic production planning and control systems in cooperation with IBM in 1963. In 1968, IBB opened an office in Munich and founded the affiliate company IBB Informationsverarbeitung in Vienna, to cover IT-related activities.

IBB continued developing new areas of functional expertise and established itself an industry leader in core activities such as retail-business consulting. After a management buy-out in 1973, new offices were opened in Karlsruhe, Germany (1978) and Cologne (1986). In the 1980s, IBB also continued expanding its IT-related business in Germany and further developed its HR expertise.


After a company split, IBB refocused its activities in Germany to the Munich office while continuing its growth in consulting services for strategic alliances and public sector.

From 2000 on

In 2003 IBB launched the brand ifss and established an increased focus on linking people and organizations together with process excellence, mainly Lean and Six Sigma. At this point, IBB and ifss began coexisting as separate brands. Sales offices were subsequently opened in Barcelona (2006),  Zagreb (2009) and Gdansk (2010). With strategic partners, ifss further expanded operations into the USA and Asia, servicing clients globally in more than 17 languages.

In 2015 the brand uQualize+ was created in order to integrate more than 15 years of expertise in process excellence especially in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and comprehensive know-how in quality transformations including the preparation and remediation of audits and inspections especially of public authorities.

In the same year IBB has gone on to become a Holding under the name of IBB Internationale Management Holding GmbH, that encompasses the following brands:

  • uQualize+: First Mover in Europe for efficient compliance in highly regulated industries
  • ifss Process Excellence: No. 1 process excellence inhouse consulting in Europe
  • ifss Academy: No. 1 process excellence training provider for open courses in Germany
  • IBB Strategy Consulting: Bespoke strategy consulting for more than 50 years
  • BASE: Ambitious start up for e-learning solutions
  • Greenfrog: Highly specialized recruiting provider for operations positions