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Life Science Wholesale

Life Science Wholesale

Life Science Wholesale

Lean Logistics & Compliant Product Handling –
Some questions we help our clients solve:

  • Are my logistics processes state-of-the-art?
  • Can I save resources by adapting my product flow?
  • Is my people and product flow compliant with regulatory standards?
  • What is an adequate Quality Assurance Agreement I can offer my clients?
  • Am I stocking up too much, and can I profit from state of the art Lean tools in order to optimize my inventory costs?

How we help to uQualize+ your business

With decades of experience in the logistics and warehouse industry, we created a Lean Logistics approach. This is complemented by our know-how to transform quality management systems effectively. Some areas in which we help our clients are:

  • Significant reduction of total end-to-end lead times and improved resource efficiency
  • Elimination of double-work in processes and clear identification of responsibilities at interfaces
  • Reduction of delays on the provider-side and introduction of a balanced inventory management system
  • Assuring compliant handling from goods receipt to dispatch
  • Visualization of activities and departments, and introduction of a clear warehousing layout
  • Improving employee engagement by means of a bonus system and an implementation of a continuous improvement system capturing employees’ improvement ideas
  • Introduction of a warehouse KPI monitoring system

What’s up in the life sciences wholesale market…

While the overall volume of turnover in the Life Science Wholesale industry has been on the increase over the last five years, margins dropped. Main drivers of revenue growth are highly expensive drugs, which entail high storage costs and risk. Additionally wholesalers are frequently bypassed by direct industry distribution. Increasing dynamism in the production of generics is an opportunity for wholesalers, yet a two-edged sword: high volumes but at low margins. At the same time a stocking up on multiple generics triggers additional storage costs and complexity. Efficiency and rising quality standards for transport and storage is the name of the game.