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Program and Project Management Office

Program & Project Management Office

Program & Project Management Office

Getting things done

When problems arise and the clock starts ticking, a lot of companies have trouble simply getting things done on time in an orderly way. Project managers need to often solve urgent issues while harmonizing conflicting interests. At uQualize+ we have a proven PMO (Project Management Office) approach that can help you get across the toughest challenges, before the deadline.

The right PMO approach helps answer questions like:

  • How do we find a qualified team to help us solve urgent issues on time?
  • How does the necessary program structure have to look like?
  • What steering mechanisms need to be put in place?
  • How can project progress efficiently be tracked?
  • How can we integrate process improvement projects into the initiative?

How uQualize+ can help

At uQualize+ we have decades of experience leading PMOs where we help our clients focus on the things that really matter. Some advantages of the uQualize+ PMO:

  • Neutral task force and program management: As external consultants we come in with a non-biased, non-political, hands-on approach and work as a task force to get things done effectively and quickly.
  • Standardized project management: We can start off from day 1, saving you the trouble of thinking things over from scratch or having to free up resources for project management.
  • Action tracking: We’re great at helping you keep track of all actions and give you a continually responsive overview of the project progress. This includes ready-to-use software solutions.
  • Agile and versatile: We can handle any project from the wider program management to individual projects, independently of the project size or complexity.
  • Standardized templates: With standard templates and procedures, we offer our clients cost and resource controlling.